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Complementary Science of Alternative Healing

This is a science which is handled in two forms:-

  • Alternate Medicine
  • Alternate Healing.

Alternate Medicine

  • Whole medical systems. This refers to complete systems of medical theory and practice, which came thousands of years back and have roots in non-Western cultures. Examples include traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, a medical aid that originated in India. Whole medical systems from the West include homeopathy and naturopathy.
  • Body-base and manipulative practices. Relying on the physical manipulation of the body, this practice is intended to improve specific symptoms of body and overall health. Examples of these practices include chiropractic, osteopathy, acupressure and acupuncture.
  • Biologically based practices. Since the main focus is on herbs, nutrition, vitamins, herbal medicine and dietary supplements are perhaps the most common forms of biologically primarily based complementary and alternative medicine.

Alternate Healing

  • Alternate healing techniques are that modality of science that deals with energy work. As per the great scientist Mr Einstein energy in this universe is constant and is only changing its form. The equation E=MC2 remains.
  • Mind-body medication. This medication includes treatments that specialize on how our emotional and mental status interacts and affects the body's ability to perform. Examples include meditation and various other therapies expressed through yoga art and music.
  • Energy medication. This form of alternative medicine use energy fields to promote healing. Biofield therapies have an effect on energy fields that are said to encircle the physical body — forms include Reiki and qi gong. Bioelectromagnetic-based therapies, like magnet therapy, involve the manipulation of electromagnetic fields. Based on these we have various Alternate healing techniques like Reiki, Pranik, Crystal, Theta, Shamanic, and finally Hypnotherapy.
  • In Hypnosis we are bring out a change or shift in energy from unknown to known and unseen to seen form of energy. Basically in layman’s terms we are converting our thoughts into action and vice versa. This science of change is called Hypnosis. Hypnosis done for various motives.
    1. Stage hypnosis also called eastern hypnosis for entertainment purpose.
    2. Healing hypnosis – for healing mental, spiritual or physical issues. It is done through-
      • Self Hypnosis &
      • Hetro Hypnosis


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Vivek was Rtn. Dr. Sunil's client
2013-04-02, 12:25
I was suffering from multiple phobias since my childhood days and consulted a lot of Psychiatrists but all in vein. They always gave tablets to control the anxiety. My life changed for the better when i contacted Dr. Sunil. With minimum efforts and in 2-3 sittings of hypnotherapy he gave me a new life. It has been almost 3 years and there is no anxiety which was a routine...
Ann managed Rtn. Dr. Sunil indirectly at California Hypnosis Institute of Delhi
2010-05-28, 09:30
As an evolved soul, Dr. Sunil Prakash dedicates himself in helping his fellow human beings raise their consciousness through his teachings and healing in Hypnotherapy and related modalities. Combined the excellent skill in management with his integrity, generosity and honesty, Dr. Sunil Prakash has been successful in all areas of business that he has pursued.

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