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After receiving a great appreciation from my readers for my first book "The Soul Game", I am motivated to come up with this second book - The Mental Vault - Your Success Genie.

This book is based on the concept of how by writing a journal every day for just 5 minutes we can unleash our highest potential and rewire our life script.

This book is again based on the feedback from my clients and students over the years about the benefits they are getting by practicing Mental Vault journaling and their success stories and growth in all areas of life.


Mental Vault is a unique, life changing and incredibly practical guide that is straightforward, simple, and easy to understand — how to move out of the limited beliefs and habits and move into a more enriching and wholesome new life by realizing the full potential.

This new perimeter of realized potential will be redefining what it means to be a fully enabled, fully capable, happy, healthy, and successful human.


California Hypnosis Institute Gurgaon is very proud and happy to announce the launch of the book “THE SOUL GAME”. Following his successful innings as a hardcore businessman, a sensitive humanitarian, great teacher and a remarkable clinical Hypnotherapist Dr. Sunil Prakash has published his very first book –“The Soul Game” along with Richa Agarwal.

He has been teaching and practicing Clinical Hypnotherapy since 2008 during which the basic idea of this book came into his mind. After thorough research of all the major religious and spiritual texts of the world, various scientific, psychological and social paradigms, in November 2019 ‘THE SOUL GAME’ took its shape.

This book presents a synthesis between ancient spiritual wisdom, contemporary thought process and live examples from various experiences of the clients during the Hypnotherapy sessions in a very simple jargon free language for better understanding of the readers. This book gives insight about our “life” and “who” has made it so complicated.

According to Dr. Prakash, this book exposes the self-serving intentions of the Soul & how we as a Body gets intertwined in this karmic wheel created by it. He says-“I would like to undertake a phenomenal eye-opening journey for my readers through the example of my actual cases and enrich them with an understanding of the tightly knit, yet twisted relationship between the Body, Mind and Soul. Furthermore, we would understand how we as humans have progressed through scientific and technological advancements to safeguard our bodies and finally moving in the right direction to put an end to this exploitation by the hands of the Soul. I have gained this insight through my clinical Hypnotherapy practice of over 10 years wherein I have helped many of my clients heal from the atrocities they were facing in their life. As Clinical Hypnotherapists & Past Life Regression Therapists, I felt this deep desire to share all this knowledge and create awareness in our society. “

He is hopeful that this book will provide a new insight to the readers for a very beautiful and bright future totally controlled by their own Body and not by the self-serving Soul. The book is available on Amazon and Google Play.


Help people realize the integrated nature of the human beings, and the Oneness of the physical and the spiritual worlds. Guide them in the DNA activations necessary to achieve this Oneness, and the transition.

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