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Our Story

CHI-GURGAON. California Hypnosis Institute Gurgaon, is a group of Empowered beings, committed to spread the Light of Empowerment through Forums, Workshops, Media, Awareness, Talks, Classrooms, Trainings, with a combination of disciplines like, Self Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy,  Transpersonal Regression, Theta Healing, Fertility Consultancy,  HypnoBirthing, Aura Imaging, etc. CHI Gurgaon is an affiliate of International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association - USA. They are taking the light far and wide.

Our Mission

Help as many people as possible to become aware of the major Energetic Dimensional  Shift that we are undergoing. Make the transition from the current Third Dimension to the higher level society in the New World in the Fourth Dimension.

Teach the latest techniques of Mind, Body, & Soul healing using the integrated approach with Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Energy Healing, Crystal therapy, and Spirit Communications.

Help people realize the integrated nature of the human beings, and the Oneness of the physical and the spiritual worlds. Guide them in the DNA activations necessary to achieve this Oneness, and the transition.


Teach these techniques worldwide to all persons willing to learn them, irrespective of their formal educational background, by recognizing the inherent intelligence of the subconscious mind and the human soul.

Raise awareness of the Mind as the ultimate creator, and the ultimate healer for all kinds of diseases, problems and challenges in life. Raise your Vibration Frequency from 7 Mghz to 11 Mghz to be aligned with the Universe.

Founder of CHI-Gurgaon

Dr. Sunil Prakash
M.B.A, H. B., C.C.Ht., P.L.T, R.Ht.

is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy from California Hypnosis Institute (CHI) – USA, International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), International Association of Counselors & Therapist (IACT) -USA, Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) -USA and registered with IBAM, Kolkata. 


  • Master of Business Administration

  • Foundation Graduate and a Certified Hypnotist. AHA, USA

  • Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Program from HMI USA

  • Certified TRAINER for all Levels of Hypnotherapy from CHI USA.

  • Certified TRAINER for all Levels of Hypnotherapy from IMDHA USA

  • Certified TRAINER for all Levels of Hypnotherapy from IACT USA

  • Certified TRAINER for Theta Healing from THINK, USA

  • Bio Field Energy (Aura/Chakra) Imaging & Interpretation

  • Past Life Regression Therapist

  • Transpersonal Regressionist,

  • Foreign Energy Dynamics

  • Fertility Therapist

  • HypnoBirthing

  • Theta Healer


  • FMS, Delhi

  • Hypnosis Motivation Institute, USA

  • California Hypnosis Institute, California , USA

  • HypnoBirthing Institute, USA.

  • Tasso Institute, Netherlands .

  • ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, USA

  • Academy of Hospital Admn, Noida


  • American Hypnosis Association, USA

  • California Hypnosis Institute, USA

  • International Medical & Dental Hypnosis Association, USA

  • International Association of Counsellors & Therapists, USA

  • National Guild of Hypnotists Inc., USA

  • Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi

Area of Activity

  • Trainer & Consultant to Corporates, Institutes, Schools and Individuals for , Career planning, Memory enhancement, Self Empowerment for Stress, anger, anxiety, fear, phobia, relationship, pains, substance abuse, habits, low self esteem, pre & post marriage syndromes, Marriage Alliance analysis and more.

  • HypnoBirthing & Fertility Clinic.

  • Biofield Energy (Aura / Chakra) Imaging, Interpretation, Consultancy and software sale.

  • Consultant for food by Blood Group