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After receiving a great appreciation from my readers for my first book "The Soul Game", I am motivated to come up with this second book - The Mental Vault - Your Success Genie.

This book is based on the concept of how by writing a journal every day for just 5 minutes we can unleash our highest potential and rewire our life script.

This book is again based on the feedback from my clients and students over the years about the benefits they are getting by practicing Mental Vault journaling and their success stories and growth in all areas of life.


Mental Vault is a unique, life changing and incredibly practical guide that is straightforward, simple, and easy to understand — how to move out of the limited beliefs and habits and move into a more enriching and wholesome new life by realizing the full potential.

This new perimeter of realized potential will be redefining what it means to be a fully enabled, fully capable, happy, healthy, and successful human.

A Presentation on the Book "The Mental Vault" at Genpact Gurgaon.

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