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Fertility Consultation


Conceiving a Baby is a Natural Normal Experience

When conception is a natural, normal event for healthy men and women, why do some couples experience difficulty? What is happening within the body — even within the couple and the family that is blocking this natural, normal function? In other words, there is something we are not aware of and we need to get there.


Conception is a mind-body process and so is fertility; unique to each couple. This program is designed to help & guide the couple to a journey as they discover how their life experiences have created their beliefs and their thoughts, about their bodies, conception, sexuality, birth, parenting skills and much more. We help them to discover how their beliefs and thoughts not only impact, but create each and every cell within their body.  Thus by changing these beliefs and thoughts we change their body and their ability to conceive.

While we ultimately create our own physiological experiences the way we feel and think about our bodies, conception, birth and parenting; it is important to understand that we are in no way placing blame. Conception and sexuality are private, special and emotional aspects of a person’s identity. Working with couples as they identify and heal the barriers that exist within is a special experience that must be approached with respect, dignity and support.

Our thoughts shape our experiences. The mind reacts to language with emotion, and emotion creates a physical and chemical change within our bodies. The HypnoBirthing® philosophy suggests and uses a language that describes our body’s ability to procreate in a logical, gentler, non-medical manner with words that evoke an emotion of feeling good, rather than fear and lack of understanding. Many women feel as though their bodies have failed or let them and their partner down. Women wishing to conceive need to begin feeling as though their bodies are magnificent and creative. Creative, fertile and abundant thoughts, words and feelings are powerful.

How Stress Effects Fertility?

It’s well known that physical stress, such as over-exercising or not getting enough calories, can wreak havoc on a woman’s menstrual cycle and, consequently, her fertility. For example, female athletes who push their bodies to extremes often have irregular periods, and some stop menstruating completely. Heavy exercise can occasionally cause infertility in men, too.

But there’s another kind of stress, the kind that comes from work pressure, family issues, financial problems, marital conflict, and, in many cases, frustration and ambivalence regarding delayed conception.

Emotional stress also seems to reduce sperm counts in men. Another study published in the Journal of Reproduction and Infant Psychology found that couples were less likely to achieve pregnancy if the man was depressed or had low self-esteem.

Reproductive issues impacted by the Mind-Body Intercommunication Map.


Hypothalamic amenorrhea

Anovulation (suppression of ovulation)

Excessive menstrual bleeding

Depressed progesterone levels

Fallopian tubal spasms 

Luteal phase defects 

Thinning of endometrial lining


Disrupted spermatogenesis: low sperm count, poor

Motility, abnormal sperm development

Depressed testosterone levels


Role of Hypnotherapy

When we teach our mind and body to relax and resonate with happier or more peaceful energies, we begin to release Endorphins. Endorphins create a happy, pleasant feeling in our bodies and inhibit the release of catecholamine. By teaching the families we work with to heal their past, visualize a positive outcome and live in a happier, more relaxed present, we can help them to improve not only their fertility, but also the quality of their lives.

The more time they spend in relaxation, the more endorphins are released. Over time, they can re-train their mind and body to produce more endorphins and to stay in the Healing Room when in the past minor stresses would have sent the catecholamine flooding.

Hypnotherapy makes one relax and release the desired levels of Endorphins which finally act on their reproductive system and give results naturally. Hypnotherapy is the answer when all efforts by medical fraternity fail.

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