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Buoyed by the overwhelming response and positive feedback from his first two books, Dr Sunil Prakash felt the renewed motivation to embark on his third literary venture, "Life is Naughty after 40." In this book, he delves into the perceptions and outlooks of individuals during their middle years, exploring how they navigate the challenges and joys of this phase of life.


Specifically, the book focuses on the years between 40 and 50, marked by physical changes, mixed emotions and unique experiences. It unravels the complex journey individuals undertake during this transformative phase, addressing unspoken fears, insecurities,


"Life is Naughty After 40" tackles the myths and fears around Menopause and Andropause, a topic typically shrouded in silence. With this book, he is trying to break the barriers of societal taboos and encourage readers to confront these realities head-on. By acknowledging and discussing these aspects of life, Dr Sunil Prakash aims to provide solace, understanding, and a sense of camaraderie to individuals who may have felt their experiences were unacknowledged, overlooked or often not taken seriously.


In short, "Life is Naughty After 40" is a compelling exploration of the human experience, spanning this transition from youth to middle age and beyond, offering valuable insights and fostering dialogue on a topic often shunned or disregarded.

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