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Crystal Healing


How Crystals Work?

The heartbeat of a crystal is so regular and so reliable that crystals have been used in watches, transistors, computers and many scientific applications.  The human body is full of resonating cavities and water, both of which automatically pick up any regular rhythm.  As you can't help tapping your fingers and toes to rhythmic music, so you can't help your whole body tuning in, on a subtle level, to the rhythm (or frequency) of a crystal.  You may not consciously be aware of this happening as it may be under your observable threshold, but it does happen.

As some music energizes and some relaxes, so different crystals will have different effects upon you.  Crystals also have a capacity to hold and accumulate energy, magnify it and transmit it.

What makes one crystal different from the rest?

A simple explanation: equate the word "crystal" with Human beings. We have different race, different cultures, different likes and dislikes, so there are many types of crystal, e.g. amethyst, sunstone,  quartzes.  Quartzes come in various types, e.g. amethyst, clear quartz.  Arkansas clear quartz looks and feels different to Madagascan.  Individual mines produce different characteristics in crystals too. 

Choosing your Crystal

With crystals, you will know when you find the "right" one for you.  It may feel hot or cold, it may look attractive to you or feel good in your hand, or you may not be able to say why, but your intuition chose it. You may say it's the colour, the shape, it comes to you or you really don't know why, but instinctively you know you are suited. 

As you choose particular music to enhance or alleviate a particular mood, so the body chooses the crystal it needs at that time.  Do not try and rationalize it, only look up its uses after you have chosen it, but remember there is no substitute for your own intuition, if it does you good it doesn't matter what the book says it is for. Trust yourself.

Rough or Polished?  Shaped or Plain?  Large or small?

This is a matter for personal preference.  A tumbled or polished crystal is no more or less effective than a rough one.  If the shape is altered without distorting the energy of the crystal and is in harmony with its purpose, then it will enhance the crystal.  Naturally if the crystal is forced into a shape that doesn't suit it then the energy will be distorted and it will be unhappy and unable to work properly.  Always consider where the energy goes; if your crystal has a point then the energy will be greater coming from there.  In a sphere, the energy will radiate all around it so if you want a crystal for a room, consider where it will be placed so you can choose a suitable shape.  If the crystal is for a pendant, also consider its shape.  Size does not affect the strength or quality of the crystal, but it does affect how far its energy will radiate.  A finger sized point is not enough for a room but is fine for personal use.  

Cleansing your Crystal

Crystals hold energy and a lot of people will have handled your new crystal, so the first thing you need to do is to cleanse it. There are many suggested methods, some include using sea salt.  We do not agree with this as salt can damage the surface of the crystal.  If your crystal is not soluble in water (e.g. a halite), then our favorite method is to leave it in room temperature water overnight, then rinse it under running water while visualizing it under a waterfall or bright white light. 


Whilst this is happening we also imagine all negative energy being washed away from it, leaving it clean and sparkling.  If the crystal does dissolve in water then we suggest leaving it on a windowsill for 24 hours where it can be in sunlight and moonlight.  Then hold it and visualize the waterfall etc as above.  You will know when the crystal needs cleansing again, it will feel sort of sticky and tacky - and not just physically.  If you are using it for healing then we suggest cleansing it daily.  Otherwise it may be months before it needs it again, but you will know.

Programming your Crystal

Crystals can be programmed for specific purposes.  It makes sense to program a crystal along the lines of what it is best suited for, e.g. not asking a relaxing crystal to keep you alert.  You can program a whole crystal or, if you are working with one that has distinct facets such as quartz, you can program a particular facet.  This means that a quartz can hold several different programs but in order to use them you must be clear about which side holds which program.  We prefer to keep one program to one crystal, simplicity is usually best. 


To program your crystal, hold it and project into it what you want it to do for you, build up force into the projection, ideally using all your senses - visualizing, hearing, feeling etc. until it is really powerful.  Then tell your crystal "I want you to help me ........" while maintaining the projection.  When you feel you have got your message across, then simply let go the projection and thank the crystal for taking on the task.  Whenever you want to activate the program, just rub the crystal and ask it for help, if possible recreating the projection so you are both working together.

Clearing your Crystal

Before programming your crystal we suggest clearing it of any past programs you or a previous owner has put in.  The process is similar to cleansing but aimed specifically at removing any programs and ensuring the crystal is completely clear, allowing it to return to its natural state.  We suggest leaving your crystal for several days, preferably at least a week, where it can be in sunlight and moonlight (on a windowsill if it can't be outdoors) in order to rest and recharge.  Then ask it if it is willing and able to be reprogrammed.

Communicating with Crystal

Communicating with your crystal is easy as long as you trust your inner senses.  The crystal is not going to speak in a voice you can hear with your ears, it is far more subtle than that.  Ask your question and maintain an alert awareness.  Your answer may not be in words at all, it may be a feeling of some kind, a picture, an emotion, a sense of music.  Do not wait for anything specific, just be alert for something - and then accept it.  If it doesn't seem appropriate just thank the crystal and bear the answer in mind because it is likely to be understood a bit later, maybe in the light of new developments.  Remember time isn't linear!


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