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Self Hypnosis



What is Self Hypnosis?

Most people who have heard of hypnotism believe that hypnosis is done for entertainment, but the truth is that hypnosis is also done for medical and therapeutic reasons. When hypnosis is used for medical reasons, the hypnotherapist puts the patient in a semi unconscious state and helps him get rid of medical problems. However, this form of hypnosis requires many visits to the hypnotherapist’s office. These days many people are opting for self-hypnosis treatment for medical purposes and the following paragraphs will elaborate on some of the benefits of self-hypnosis. there self treatment at times is not known to them and they get well to some extent. This, when done with knowledge has more lasting and concrete results.


Self-hypnosis can help people get rid of anxiety, stress, depression and nervousness. This form of hypnosis is very effective if the person knows the right techniques and practices them often. Usually to put oneself in a hypnotic state, the person has to close his eyes, think of pleasant thoughts, relax his muscles and count down from 10 to 1.


Since, self-hypnosis is done without the guidance of others, this form of treatment is usually used to treat small problems and to control or get rid of fears, nervousness and other similar problems. Women in labor to prepare for natural childbirth can also use self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis can also be used to treat chronic pain and irritable bowel syndrome.


It is important to remember that before practicing self hypnosis the person has to learn this form of treatment from a qualified professional. This can either be done online or through local hypnosis schools. Many centers that help people through regular hypnotherapy often teach people self hypnosis after the hypnotherapist feels that the patient is ready to heal himself and doesn't require the hypnotherapist’s help.


Self hypnosis is based on suggestions and through positive suggestions the person can be made to believe that the pain that is being felt or will be felt is going to be bearable. In the case of depression and panic problems, the person has to learn how to control thoughts and keep negative thoughts at bay. The person also has to learn how to substitute negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Self-hypnosis also gives the power to people to treat themselves and get in charge of their own lives. 


Self hypnosis is Self Empowerment.

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