Psychology of Failure life

“Success not final, failure is not fatal .It is the courage to continue that counts.”- Winston Churchill

We are still a beginner on our life journey.when it comes to success or failure.Success is something what you feel excitement about that I win. Atlast I win the game.But where Success comes from . Did u realize !Yes, success comes from failure.We generally say “Never Give Up! Never Give Up! But when we give up,what happens ? Life put a question mark in front of all and then a word ‘Failure “ comes in our mind ,which revolves around 24 hours as “I am a Failure”. Failure is alphabetic word ; i.e programmed in our mindset.

60% in ten says that they were able to bounce back quickly and 40% were encouraged to try again. Brain knows actually more than people consciously realize. Unfulfillment task in turn leads to frustrations which leads to Failure can be a devastating blow to our minds.

Through failure, fear comes naturally to our minds.Its like preoccupied version of self. When things do not go according to plan, they are better able to bounce back and try an alternative way of doing things. Deep inside there is conscious painful feelings that failure unconsciously gets linked which becomes our beliefs about ourselves. We Keep This in another way that failure reinforces our underlying belief and that we are not ready to accept it.But have no choice to accept. We feel as we are helpless, ashamed, and bad. Perception of failure forcefully believe that we are worthless or the raise voice is why we are born.Failure sometimes seems to us as blessings in disguise.

We have seen from past that many great people like steven Spielberg,Walt Disney,Michael Jordan,Dr.Abdul Kalam,Mahatma Gandhi ,Ratan Tata and many more have succeeded despite their odds life.Could you think of one oint why they fail? Do you want to know, why because they took failure as a challenges of life.You have given one life not to fail but to pass on this fail life. Life is hussle bussle , but you should not stop or keep a barrier in your mind .Rather find a solution for this. You fail but that doesn’t seems that life does not end. Still you have a life which has more and more task left to do.Feel heaven in your work.We are still a beginner on our life journey.

“Failure is seen as an opportunity to learn and grow,” says Los Angeles-based psychologist CrystalL.Lee

“Failure is an opportunity to be embraced, analyzed, and picked apart, rather than something to run away from.”

Atkinson's (1964)risk-taking model, also predict a negative effect of failure on future performances, It is argued that failure experiences will reduce outcome expectations.

- Trauma experienced in childhood feel very distress in later life. Childhood could be emotional, physical ,sexual feelings.

  • Procrastination- it is to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring. Perfectionists are often procrastinators; as

Psychologically they never complete their task on they automatically feel failurere regarding work

  • Experience a traumatic event :when someone experience a traumatic event in life ,they have nob sense of what they are doing in life as they are so shocked of what they have gone through in life which is very heartbreaking, feel like they themselves are no more.

  • Low self-esteem or self confidence  – It’s a negative word that feel us low in whatever work we do.We here think as “We are not good at this work ,how can we do?or I cannot achieve this?But rather have confidence, we feel inferior to perform any task.We take life so seriously as rather think how to overcome we break ourselves.

  • Perfectionism  – here person tries to focus on ideal circumstances to reach his expectations .But he forgot to see worst scenario and the accept inevitable failures.This is true on ones part that person only have best in life, but to have a succeesful life one should view on other side of a coin.

Failure often leads to negative impact on ones life, like negative thinking in his own life , and they perceive themselves as-----

Individuals who cannot come out of this depressive and distress life ,have no choices in life become vulnerable to many psychological relationship issues, anxiety problems, phobias , low frustration or low tolerance, guilt and shame of oneself,obsessive-compulsive disorders.Persons perceive himself/herself hopelessness in life , passive reactions takes place, feeling incompetence in front of world.This is not the end of psychological disturbances but ones have feeling of criticism and disapproval of life.

Last but not least they have suicidal tendencies tend to exist.

Don’t cry and sit behind your presence . Move and make an effort atleast once in life. It’s miraculous that you will successed.