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Myths Women have about SEX

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

With the number of weird stories and hearsay floating on Internet, we decided to pen down some facts.

Myth: The first time will always bleed or hurt

The women has to understand its sexual structure. There is a tissue which is considered to be present inside the vagina and indicates the virginity of a women. This tissue may be thin or thick, varying from person to person. Women with a thin hymen hardly bleed while those with a thick membrane bleed more. During first time penetration, this tissue tears / ruptures and thus causes bleeding. This hymen can break in case of those who have been masturbating from childhood. It is possible for the hymen to break without a woman even realising it, during activities like swimming, exercising and horseback riding etc. While some discomfort may be experienced the first time, due to various reasons, stress, insufficient knowledge of sex, dryness, poor lubrication, size etc., but if it hurts a lot, it could mean lack of lubrication or a medical issue.

Myth: Bigger is better

Women consider penis size very important for sexual pleasure, but majority found that girth mattered more than length. Most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. The link between sexual pleasure and penis size is mostly in men's heads and egos.

Myth: Ejaculation = Orgasm

Women think that when ejaculation takes place the male has gone into orgasm, which may not be true. The ejaculation can be premature, when there is no orgasm in male. Ejaculation has no link with Orgasm. Orgasm is a different state of mental and emotional condition which brings about a sense of physical satisfaction due to contractions of sexual organ muscles.

Myth: Do Women only have the monopoly on multiple orgasms

Men can have multiple orgasms too. The reason this myth exists is that most men are unable to de-link orgasm from ejaculation. In reality, orgasm is what happens before ejaculation, about 2 to 7 seconds before. After ejaculation, the male body goes into refractory mode, which is what makes a second orgasm (or more) seem impossible.

Myth: Sex is better when you're younger

Sex might be more athletic, vigorous and frequent when you're younger, but multiple researches show that it's a lot better as we grow older and more confident about ourselves. A survey conducted described their 40s as the period when they had the best sex of their lives. Sex has no timeline. You can enjoy at 70 too with same vigour, as when you were young. Too much of sex in younger age depletes your need and desire when you grow old in your adulthood, because the charm finishes.

Myth: External Lubrication means trouble

Basically the nature has developed a system where just the thought of having a sex, lubricates the vaginal passage by release of gelly like substances from the vaginal canal. This natural lubrication enhances the flow of the insertion and creating stimulus in the vaginal muscles and clitoris which helps in orgasm. Lubricants actually substantially enhance women's sexual desire. Sex becomes more comfortable and enjoyable when using lubrication. Lubricants are often associated with older women experiencing vaginal dryness due to menopause. In truth, most women experience vaginal dryness at some point or the other, regardless of age. This isn't surprising, considering the number of factors that can lead to dryness: stress, anxiety, hormonal changes due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, even menstruation, medical conditions such as diabetes and immunity issues. It can even be caused by chemicals in harsh soaps, powders and perfumes. So if needed external lubrication should be used; contrary to being something to be ashamed of.

Myth: Condoms ruin the fun

Well the best enjoyment comes with skin to skin touch. Any other media in between do have a negative effect as it creates its on sensations and stimulus. But then mental stress of getting pregnant when one does not desire to be, play an important role in getting desired satisfaction. So this can be warded off by using a condom as it keeps women stressless of the fear of pregnancy. Depending upon ones choice, circumstances, environment and knowledge use of condom may or may not ruin the fun. Untimely sex with Unplanned programs condoms will not ruin the fun.

Myth: Double-bagging means double safe

Using a condom reduces the risk of pregnancy, but using two condoms can actually increase the risk because the friction between the two condoms while thrusting might cause both to rip and become ineffective.

Myth: Too much sex can make the vagina loose

Rest assured, the penis has no superpowers that can permanently change the shape and size of the vagina in any lasting ways. The vagina is an elastic organ, programmed to go back to its original size after sex, no matter how much and how many times it stretches to accommodate a big penis or a toy. Unless a penis is the size of a baby, the vagina is not going to become "loose" or “bigger” due to too much sex. Yes vagina may become loose after a child birth, which the doctors stich back these days.

Myth: Withdrawal won't get you knocked up

Considering withdrawal as a viable method for birth control and the contraceptive equivalent may be a misnomer. You just have to keep your fingers crossed. The sperms released even on the lips of the vagina may travel up knock you down.

Myth: Women don't watch porn

Not only are an increasing number of women watching porn, they're watching it for longer than men. A study found that the worldwide average for a woman watching porn was 10 minutes and 10 seconds, compared to 9 minutes 22 seconds for men.

Myth: Tantric sex means earth-shattering orgasms

The mere mention of Tantric sex makes most people imagine endless orgasms and indiscriminate orgies. The reality is a lot less salacious. Tantric sex is simply about harnessing one's own sexual energy. When both partners engage in sexual activity after learning to modulate their breath with principles of tantra, it may lead to enhanced intimacy, arousal and an enduring orgasm, but the goal of tantric sex is simply to foster a deeper connection between partners.

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