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Exploring the Phenomenon of Twin Flames

What is a twin flame?


“Your twin flame is a fragment of you,” In spiritual terms, you can picture their soul as a different incarnation of your own. “This relationship is meant to bring your soul and this other soul into oneness or wholeness,”


Because they are so fundamentally similar to you, a twin flame operates almost like a spiritual mirror, reflecting to you both your strengths and your weaknesses, struggles, or past traumas. “Specifically, they will help you awaken to the suppressed sides of yourself that you have not been willing to face,” “The connection opens you up to being raw, honest, and vulnerable.”

What is the purpose of a twin flame?


The experience of meeting your twin flame can actually invoke some inner chaos or turmoil akin to that of a karmic relationship, which similarly engenders a lot of really challenging growth. The turbulence atypical of the twin-flame journey isn’t for naught, though: “Typically, a twin flame will reopen unhealed wounds, causing emotional pain that could leave you feeling distraught, but all with the higher purpose of helping you fully see, feel, heal, and learn to love yourself,”. Keep in mind that with a twin-flame connection, a breakdown could come before a breakthrough.


“Typically, a twin flame will reopen unhealed wounds, causing emotional pain that could leave you feeling distraught, but all with the higher purpose of helping you fully see, feel, heal, and learn to love yourself.”


While you’re on that journey, though, a relationship (platonic or romantic) with a twin flame could have a specific push-pull energy. Perhaps you meet someone and have a whirlwind romance for a few months and then break things off abruptly, only to wind up back together years later because of a twist of fate. Maybe you spend a flight chatting with a stranger, and it inspires a massive change of heart and a new life direction.


In any case, meeting this person clearly turns your life upside down. In other words, their entrance into your world creates a clear before-and-after.


Can twin flames be lovers?

Twin flames can be lovers, but the relationship can also be platonic—they can be a friend, parent, or mentor. Regardless of relationship type, it may change your life as you know it, inspiring a change of heart or invoking a spiritual awakening.


Can twin flames be toxic?

A twin-flame relationship can be toxic if one or both people aren’t ready or willing to grow, and often, these toxic behaviours shown by one person are a reflection of the other’s issues, insecurities, and learned habits.


12 signs you’ve found your twin flame


A twin flame typically enters your life for the first time when you have some emotional growing to do, prompting “a crash course in spiritual advancement.” As a result, there’s not really much value in searching for this person; either, they’ll find you... or you may not actually have a twin flame.


“If that’s the case, you’re certainly not incomplete without one,” “A twin-flame relationship is just one path of many to support spiritual awareness and alignment.”


That said, there are signs to look out for if you suspect your twin flame has found you or you’ve found them:


You “recognise” this person when you meet them. When you first meet your twin flame, it may be that you “recognise” them, as though you’ve crossed paths before.


You feel an immediate bond. Thanks to an instantaneous energetic bond, you’ll know when you’ve found your twin flame,


You’re very alike. You may find that you have a lot in common, including, but not limited to, your background, experiences, attitudes, and values.


This person feels at home. Your twin flame might be someone who “feels at home,” someone who instinctively understands you without ever really needing to explain yourself.


They have a magnetic hold on you. When you’re with this person, you feel a magnetic pull towards one another, and this allure is only further emphasised when you are apart.


You notice signs and synchronicities. After meeting, you may notice more signs and synchronicities, like recurring numbers or patterns, that confirm this person is “the one.”


You have twin-flame telepathy. Twin flames can often communicate without speaking, and often, you may know what the other is feeling or thinking.


This person triggers a spiritual awakening. Twin flames will likely trigger a “spiritual awakening,” causing you to re-evaluate life as you know it.


Your relationship is intense. The twin-flame connection is intense, filled with passionate feelings when the heart is aflame when you’re in love or turbulence in times of conflict.


You’re on and off again. You may have an on-and-off relationship that embodies the “push-and-pull dynamic” shared between twin flames.


This person challenges you. If you are currently on the outs with someone, this doesn’t mean they’re not your twin flame. A twin flame can bring out the best and the worst in you.


You keep finding your way back to each other. Whether it takes months or years, you may find their way back to one another either by fate or choice,


Although you may be able to mentally and emotionally commit to the idea that your twin flame is out there despite them not currently being in your life, this also isn’t about putting your life on hold to wait for them. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: Often, when a person remains focused on their inner work and is able to find personal security, they end up uniting (or reuniting) with their other spiritual half serendipitously.


8 typical stages of a twin-flame relationship


The twin-flame relationship has standard stages, though each is unique.


Stage 1: the yearning

At this stage of the journey, you may not know you have a twin flame, let alone the concept of twin flames. However, you may have a clue that something, or rather someone, is missing in your life, though it may be hard to put your finger on what (or who) it is.


Stage 2: the trigger

You may experience a trigger prior to meeting your twin flame. A trigger can be anything from seeing them in a dream to crossing paths with them in real life, serving as confirmation that there is something more out there for you.


Stage 3: the meeting

When you meet your twin flame, it’s like a reunion. “You are meeting for the first time, but it’s as if you’ve known each other in past lives.” There is an instant connection, and you may be drawn to them in a way that you’ve never been drawn to someone else before.


Stage 4: the ‘honeymoon phase’

Upon entering a relationship, twin flames may often experience a “honeymoon phase,” during which everything is euphoric. This phase will usually last until conflict arises, but in any case, it is “intense.”


Stage 5: the conflict, or the test

When challenges arise between twin flames, so too can hard-to-face truths about oneself, leading to pain and heartache. In this phase, as things become increasingly turbulent, one partner may choose to abandon the relationship.


Stage 6: the chase

Should one partner leave the relationship, there comes the chase, or what Jennings refers to as the “twin-flame separation.” Although the other will likely want to rekindle the relationship, it’s a time to look inward, cultivate self-love, and heal old wounds.


Stage 7: the surrender

The chase can last any amount of time, though you may come together again once you and your partner have worked through your challenges and overcome traumas and old wounds.


Stage 8: the coming together (again)

“Most people you’ll talk to haven’t experienced this yet,” according to Jennings, though she mentions it is possible. After having undergone the previous phases of the twin-flame journey, the relationship is restored thanks to mutual peace, acceptance, and understanding.


You haven’t seen your twin flame in a while, whether you’re both busy or even separated—but how can you tell when they miss you? Twin flames share incredible chemistry and understanding, no matter how far apart they are. That’s why many spiritual signs can indicate your twin flame's longing for you, from dreams to sensing their presence around you. Read on for an extensive list to help you spot all the signs that your twin flame deeply misses you!


You dream about them.

Twin flames are thought to be able to communicate in dreams. They share an intense spiritual connection—so you may see your twin flame in your dreams. You may even talk to them or see an indirect sign—like an object that belongs to them, their favourite flower, or a particular action that reminds you of them. Regardless, if you sense them in your dreams, it may be their way of spiritually communicating that they miss you.

It’s believed that because dreams are a product of your subconscious mind, they help you connect with your twin flame emotionally in a way that rarely happens while awake.


You constantly think about them. 


Twin flames are believed to send each other psychic messages. So, even when you’re the one thinking about them, it’s a sign that your twin flame is missing you too—enough to send you a psychic message. Whenever they suddenly appear in your thoughts, even if you weren’t thinking of them a moment ago, you’re likely picking up on their subtle signals.

For example, you might be going about your day and see something that reminds you of your twin flame—like a place the two of you hung out, their favourite type of car, or a haircut that looks like theirs.


You feel bursts of positive energy.


The connection between twin flames helps them to share good vibes. Have you felt a sudden sense of love, warmth, or comfort? Are there times when you don’t really know where those feelings are coming from? A sudden surge of positivity may be coming from your twin flame; it’s believed that because you share such a strong emotional connection, you can pour positive energy into one another.

For example, you might be having a bad day and feeling down. Then, you experience a spark of calm and warmth that makes you feel better, as though everything will be okay.


If your twin flame misses you and has fond feelings for you, those thoughts may also help create a positive aura in your mind.


You get goosebumps.


Your body may have a physical reaction when they think about you. The connection between twin flames is thought to be more than just mental; if your twin flame enormously misses you, your body might sense it. You may notice goosebumps on your skin and feel tingling in your hands, legs, or feet. This may be your body’s way of telling you that your twin flame is missing you from afar!

For example, when you’re feeling perfectly normal (not cold, scared, or overly excited) yet still get goosebumps for seemingly no reason, your twin flame could be the actual cause.


You may even feel a hot or cold sensation or butterflies in your stomach as a reaction to your twin flame.


You feel sudden sadness or loneliness.


You may feel sad if your twin flame struggles with being away from you. While twin flame energy can undoubtedly make you feel comforted and loved, it can also bring you emotional pain when the two of you are separated. So, if your twin flame misses you and feels alone without you there, you might feel that sadness and loneliness through your connection to one another.

For example, you might start feeling intense, unexplained sadness. You may be fine one minute and feel your mood go downhill the next.


You have random thoughts.


Your twin flame may be subconsciously influencing your mind. Twin flames are believed to influence one another’s thoughts and emotions—so if you find yourself thinking random things, it’s because you’re picking up on your twin flame’s mind. After spending lots of time with them, you may feel totally in sync or even like you share a brain, and when you’re apart, missing one another can keep that connection strong.


For example, you might start thinking about watching a TV show you didn’t think you were interested in solely because your twin flame is thinking about doing that.


You suddenly want to try new things.


Twin flames inspire each other to expand their horizons. One of the benefits of a twin flame relationship is that they’ll often enable you to experience life in new ways and make exciting new memories. Even if you haven’t seen or spoken to your twin flame, you’ll still get positive energy from them if they miss you—and that positive energy may motivate you to try something new and unexpected.

For example, you might suddenly get the urge to visit somewhere you’ve never been or learn to knit, even though you’ve never thought about doing it before.


You experience positive changes in life.


If your twin flame is going through changes, you might, too. When your twin flame misses you and wants to be with you again, that longing and fondness may spark positive change in your life. For example, you might find yourself wanting to pick up healthier habits or get in touch with an old friend (or even your twin flame). Making changes in your life is a sign of growth—and the catalyst behind that growth is you and your twin flame missing one another.

You may feel more motivated to make changes in your life, like starting an exercise routine or setting new professional goals for yourself.


You might also focus less on the negatives. If you’re getting positive energy from your twin flame, you’ll feel compelled to embrace that and leave nasty things behind you.


You can sense their presence.


Even if they’re far away, your twin flame is always close by in spirit. The powerful connection you share with your twin flame is believed to keep you bonded despite the fact that you won’t always be physically in the same spot. Does it feel like your twin flame’s energy is in the air around you, or can you feel them sitting beside you even when you’re alone in a room? This may be a message that your twin flame misses you!


You may even catch yourself smiling without knowing why—and it’s likely because feeling their presence gives you a sense of comfort and happiness.

This may also be your twin flame’s way of telling you they’ll always be with you no matter how far apart you are.


You find (or see) feathers.


Feathers are considered a positive spiritual sign from the universe. They’re believed to indicate that your guardian angel is looking out for you but can also signify that your twin flame misses and longs for you. White feathers (and pink ones) are particularly significant because they embody the pure, gentle, and loving energy of your twin flame bond. However, feathers of any shape, size, or colour can still be meaningful.


They reach out with music.


Your twin flame might send a song that’s significant to you both. Music can be significant, especially if the two of you have similar musical tastes. When your twin flame misses you, they might try to show you how they feel by sending you a link to your favourite song or a song that reminds you of a precious memory they shared with you.


For example, they might send you a link to the first song you danced to together or a song they just listened to and think you might like.

You also might find musical signs without your twin flame directly sending them to you. For example, you might hear their favourite song randomly on the radio. That’s also a sign your twin flame misses you.


You may even notice lines in movies or TV shows that remind you of your twin flame and potentially motivate you to reach out to them if you feel ready.


They communicate through angel numbers.


Angel numbers are a form of divination reflecting the state of your soul. Because it’s believed that you and your twin flame share a powerful soul connection, their soul may communicate how deeply they miss you by sending you numeric messages. If you see multiple sets of the same numbers simultaneously, you’re seeing angel numbers—and your twin flame is thinking of being with you again.


Some necessary twin flame number sequences include 222, 2222, 333, 444, 555, and so on.


You may also discover more number synchronicities between you and your twin flame; in other words, numbers that mean something to you will come up more and more.


For example, you might see your twin flame’s lucky number (or yours) pop up throughout your day or find yourself going to text them at the same time they text you.


They want to stay in touch.


Prioritising communication is a vital sign your twin flame misses you. If you’ve been apart frequently, they might send you updates about what they’re doing or call you daily. Even if the two of you are separated or had a fight and aren’t speaking, they might try to reach out via text and see how you’re doing. It’s a signal that your twin flame wants to reconnect—likely because they miss you so much!


Similarly, if your twin flame is on a trip (and you’re not with them), they might send you tons of pictures and videos of everything they’re doing.


They ask for life updates.


Getting updates is a way for your twin flame to feel more connected to you. You might notice them contact you for an update if you haven’t heard from them in a bit of a while or ask more about something the two of you discussed recently. If your twin flame misses you, they’ll want to strengthen their bonds with you, and one of the ways they might do that is by staying up to date on everything going on in your life.


For example, if you mentioned a promotion at work the week before, you might get a text saying, “Hey, did anything new happen with that promotion? I’ve kept my fingers crossed for you!”


They interact with you on social media.


Social media interaction shows they're trying to reach out to you. If your twin flame misses you and hasn’t spoken to you lately, they might start small by liking your photos and posts, watching all the videos you post, and leaving comments (so you’ll know they’ve been thinking about you). If they didn’t “friend” you or follow your social media accounts before, they’ll also do that now to show you that they want to start communicating more.


For example, you might see them send you Instagram reels to make you laugh or comment with a “😍” (heart-eye emoji) whenever you post a selfie.


They’re overly concerned about you.


Twin flames have a great deal of love and care for one another. It’s normal for twin flames to have a deep investment in one another—which means your twin flame might check up on you all the time and be a little bit too concerned for your well-being when they miss you. You might get messages from them constantly saying things like, “Are you okay?” and “Be careful on your way to work today!”


On the one hand, this might feel a bit overbearing. Just remember that it's a sign of how deeply your twin flame cares.


They ask your friends about your love life.


Your twin flame might be trying to see if you’re happy and doing well. If you and your twin flame are separated and not communicating, they might reach out to your friends when they really miss you. They might ask whether you’ve moved on or are seeing someone new—or they might genuinely want to know you’re happy and healthy. 


Either way, they’re trying to discover what’s happening in your life without directly asking you.


Twin flames don’t always have a romantic connection; it’s possible to have a platonic relationship with your twin flame instead.

In that case, they probably won’t be interested in your love life—but if you haven’t spoken for a while, they might still ask your mutual friends about how you’ve been.


They confide in you.


A twin flame may share everything in order to be closer to you. Twin flames have a unique bond—it’s like you’re each two parts of a greater whole and have a unique understanding of one another. 


That’s why your twin flame will have no trouble confiding in you; they know you can handle their deepest secrets. If they’re missing you, they’ll want to share more with you to maintain that deep connection.


They may also try to learn your deepest thoughts and feelings—so be prepared to embrace vulnerability and reveal more about yourself if you feel comfortable doing so.


They reminisce with you.


They may bring up old memories if their soul long for those days. When your twin flame is sincerely missing you, it’ll be hard for them to forget all the unforgettable memories they have of you. As a result, you might find that they bring up those memories and rehash their fondest moments with you when you talk. You’ll likely feel the love, affection, and respect in their words—and it’s because they miss you!

For example, your twin flame might recall the day you got together and started dating or a pleased day you shared (like a memorable vacation or event).


Even if you don’t have a romantic relationship with your twin flame, they might reminisce about meaningful and memorable moments in your friendship.

You may also find yourself reminiscing without your twin flame bringing it up. Because of the connection you share, reminiscing about the relationship is a subtle, spiritual sign that they’re doing it too—and that they miss you.


You have a gut feeling.


Your psychic connection may give you insight into your twin flame. It’s believed that twin flames are connected spiritually and can sense one another’s emotions even if they’re not directly communicating. So, if your intuition tells you that your twin flame misses you, and you don’t have any proof other than a strong gut feeling, you may be sensing their longing through the connection you share.


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