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5 best exercises during pregnancy

These days, maintaining and even improving fitness levels is encouraged while pregnant, especially as exercise has a number of benefits such as boosting mood and energy levels, supporting better sleep, helping prevent excess weight gain and increasing stamina and muscle strength.

Regular exercise during your pregnancy can also improve heart health and stamina, as well as overall health. Maintaining a healthy body and healthy weight gain can help reduce common pregnancy complaints and discomforts like lower back pain, fatigue and constipation and may even help make labor a little easier by improving endurance.

exercise during pregnancy

Before embarking on any exercise during pregnancy, it is important to first consult your health care provider. If you have been participating in a regular exercise regimen and are having a healthy pregnancy, there should not be a problem continuing with your regimen in moderation. You may have to modify your exercise according to your trimester of pregnancy.

If you have not participated in an exercise regimen three times a week before getting pregnant, do not jump into a new, strenuous activity. Start out with a low-intensity activity and gradually move to a higher activity level.

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