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Use the power of your unconscious mind to build a better relationship with yourself

How to love yourself

Does the advice to love yourself make any sense?

What would loving yourself actually mean, in practice?

In many people's minds, the idea of self love is all wrong. Aren't we supposed to focus on loving others? Isn't loving yourself just being 'selfish'? Selfishness is seen as a negative quality, and it's generally considered high praise to say of someone "They never think of themselves!"

This way of thinking about it is so pervasive that many people, far from loving themselves, are their own harshest critics. They are far stricter on themselves, far more unkind and demanding, than they would dream of being to anyone else. And they struggle with feelings of failure and guilt because of just not being 'good enough', not matching up to their own high standards.

love yourself

Love for yourself is not the opposite of love for others

But generosity and consideration for others are not the opposite of self love. They are the result.

When you:

  • are in a good relationship with yourself

  • are truly on your own side, and

  • encourage yourself rather than criticize yourself,

then you really strengthen and empower yourself. You give yourself more capacity. You actually have more to offer. And on top of all that, you enjoy life more!

So it really is worth figuring out how to do this loving of yourself.

If you've been in the habit of being down on yourself, or beating yourself up for being a 'failure', it can feel hard to give up these negative patterns. This is partly because they are just so familiar. Maybe you were raised to think like this, or learned it later in life from people around you. But now they're part of 'who you are', and it's hard to imagine how to be different.

Hypnosis can help you shed out-of-date emotional patterns

How to love yourself is an audio hypnosis session that will quickly help you make the transition from being your harshest critic to being your strongest supporter.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that you:

  • Stop feeling like you're at war with yourself all the time

  • Get to know yourself much more deeply than before

  • Make friends with parts of yourself you have not really understood until now

  • Begin to take a more balanced and fair approach to any mistakes, faults, or failings while still aiming to do your best

  • Find that you get on better with others too

  • Feel much more at ease and comfortable in your own skin.

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