Dear Student,

Welcome to this online course for Clinical Hypnotist. You have chosen the right media to learn.  With the increase of awareness about Hypnotherapy and its efficacy in ones daily life, there is a need to understand, learn and take benefit of it.

As compared to West, there may be only 2% Hypnotherapist practicing in India, Accordingly the awareness is also low. However efforts are being made to make it more popular and reach far and wide.

After successful achievements in Delhi, California Hypnosis Institute Gurgaon have made an effort to reach far and wide. After lot of discussions, calls and queries, we have come to the conclusion that there are many who cannot make it to Gurgaon to attend face-to-face classes. Reasons are holidays, increased cost of stay, travel , group formation, time suitability etc. 

To tide over these problems, we have decided to go online for the course. We are starting with Level 1, which will certify you as the MASTER HYPNOTIST. Here you will learn the basics of Hypnotherapy as defined in the course contents. 


  1. To make the course more meaningful, we are giving you the
  • Course material in the form of Manual – to be downloaded or referred online.
  • The videos for self-practice sessions – may be downloaded or referred online.
  • Allow a total 2 hours video chat online through Google + or Skype so that you could clear your doubts. It can be in one session or 2 sessions of one hour each.
  • An online test to be completed in specified time.
  • A 15 minutes Viva test on Skype or Google +.
  1. The course is to be completed is 3 months from the date of registration.
  2. You can set your own timetable / schedule to study and complete the test. 
  3. After expiry of time and unable to complete the course or test, you will have to register again.
  4. Minimum pass marks are 80 %.
  5. Maximum attempts to be given are 2.
  6. Course fee is Rs. 15,000/-
  7. Certification from California Hypnosis Institute USA.
  8. Advantages of membership of AHA, USA at special rates.
  9. Recommendation for membership of AHA -USA, IMDHA -USA and IACT -USA

So why wait. Hurry. Register and avail the sumptuous inaugural discount.